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  1. Strange mine is stuck on the logo with this dtb as well. I do have H96 Pro + (S912) . Not sure how to move past this screen
  2. Which image and dtb are you using ? I am unable to make it work . I have tried with almost all gxm dtb but it freezes on H96Pro logo .
  3. Thanks so much for your help . I appreciate your response. I was successfully able to run from emmc/Nand but when I boot from emmc/nand then my 5000GB SATA drive (/dev/sda) does not appear while if I boot from SD Card it comes up . Any idea why is it so and any fix for that ?
  4. Many Thanks to Balbes for this great work !!! I am running "Armbian_20.08_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.14_desktop.img" over A95X Max TV Box which is S905X2 . I am using "FDT=/dtb/amlogic/meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb" and it is giving me Gigabit Ethernet. I am running this from SD Card. So far everything is looking good and smooth (except Wifi which does not turn up ). I would like to move it to NAND/eMMC for better performance. Please if somebody can guide me how I run/install over eMMC/NAND ? Thanks in advance
  5. You are right I think I am not putting the u-boot correctly. Can you please help me with the steps ..... do I have to write u-bootXXX.img on separate card and the linux image separate one ? I am using Etcher to write and it seems I can't write two img together on same card ..it overwrites the current image.
  6. HI Friends I am having problem loading through USB . I have got A95X Max Android TV box which has Cortex A53 . I select "aml_autoscript.zip" from Update Utility . System reboots and then shows error "unable to mount udisk: no file or directory Failed to open /udisk/aml_autoscript.zip" PLease if you somebody can guide me to fix this issue. Linux on Android TV Box looks promising but its my first experience probably I am not doing something correctly. ANy help will be greatly apppreciated. Thanks Gaurav
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