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  1. Hello. I can't enable HDMI output for A64 on Orangepiwin platform - every time screen is blank (monitor not active). Monitor connected over hdmi to vga adapter. After linux kernel is loaded - monitor is alived. I try some options in boot.scr withnout effect for u-boot: video-mode=sunxi:1024x768-24@60,monitor=dvi,hpd=0,edid=1 video-mode=sunxi:1024x768-24@60,monitor=dvi,hpd=1,edid=1 video-mode=sunxi:1024x768-24@60,monitor=dvi,hpd=0,edid=0 and setenv console=tty0 disp.screen0_output_mode=EDID:1024x768p60 Need help.
  2. I'm just trying to figure out how it all works. Hobby. Sorry for my english.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Patches I can see at ?
  4. Hello. Can I see build options for u-boot on running image? Do I understand correctly that the answer is point to /usr/lib/u-boot/$BOARD_defconfig ?