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  1. Thanks for the replies. The link to the Rockchip boot sequence is definitely helpful. On running the split boot, that is kind of what I was trying. I have an SD card (with the official Armbian distro for the R2S) in the slot, and it starts the boot from that. I then interrupt it at the u-boot prompt, and then do "usb start". It loads the driver, sees the onboard USB hub, but never finds any device attached to the USB port. I know the NanoPi R2S is a recent board, so maybe there is some missing or not supported? I also tried this with the official distro from FriendlyARM
  2. I have recently started working with a NanoPi R2S. I have it booting from the built-in microSD. However, I would like to be able to boot off of USB. When I interrupt u-boot and start USB on the board, it finds the hub but does not seem to find *any* device. I have tried various USB sticks of different sizes and brands, and a few ordinary devices such as a mouse. Nothing. Is this a known problem? Should it be able to work? Thanks