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  1. Thank you,


    I proceeded to install the newest kernel available in armbian-config (with 5.4.45).

    The problem seems to happen more often now, already tested it twice, ~12 hours maximum uptime (with 5.4.45).


    armbianmonitor -u


    About the power supply, i cannot test another right now, but will do asap. Now 12v 2A power this setup (5v provided trough lm2596 switching circuit). There are no usb devices attached.


  2. Problem: as the title says, banana pi m1 is not responding to ssh after several days and need restart to be functional again.


    System does have a sata 3.5" 500gb samsung hdd attached.

    It is connected to the network by wired lan 100mb.

    Software running is lighthttpd (previous apache) and php.



    a raspberry pi camera send pictures to http server multiple times per day with html post method,

    there is also a php/html gallery with the pictures for viewing


    All website/www and pictures folders are stored on sata hdd.

    There is also a cron job for erasing old pictures every 5 mins, quota now is set to 100GB. as ls takes already a bit long (~6s for 285757 files).


    First i was using apache, and usually problem appeared in ~2 days, then switched to lighthttpd which seem to last much longer (~20 days), but still have the problem.

    Apache also was launching more php instances (over 10), lighttpd seems do limit to 5.


    armbianmonitor -u


    I also have the log folder after the restart after not responding, if needed.

    If any other info is needed please let me know.


    Thank you.