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  1. Thank you MacBreaker, that clears up everything. Yes, I have _looked_at_ the data sheet, but I am even more clueless about electronics than I am about programming, and I would not dare to come near a soldering iron. I will just keep things unchanged and see if I can use the Rock64 for something else. Best regards Freddy
  2. Hello Armbian community My HiFiBerry DAC HAT works well on my Raspberry Pi 3B with RasPiOS. However, I would like to put it on my Rock64 to use the higher Ethernet and USB speed it offers. As far as I can tell, HiFiBerry DAC is in the mainline Linux kernel - it is mentioned in the source code, but I do not understand programming, so I cannot see if it is used. Is the HiFiBerry DAC supported in Armbian's kernel? If so, how can I activate and use it? I put the HAT on the Rock64 and installed Armbian_20.05.2_Rock64_buster_current_5.4.43.img.xz , and it booted without problems, but I could not get sound out of the HiFiBerry DAC, and Alsamixer showed no controls for the sound hardware. I also tried making a Virtualbox to compile the Armbian kernel, and I could get the build environment to work, but I did not find any clues to include support for the HiFiBerry DAC - yes, I am truly clueless when it comes to programming, but I can follow a step by step recipe. Please give me a recipe for getting the HiFiBerry DAC to work on Rock64 with Armbian. Best regards Freddy