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  1. @gprovostThank you for your recommendations. We were able to recover the data. Could you please give recommendations for a good power adapter to purchase in India? Also, we found something local that is 12V and 12Amps. Would that be ok? I assume the higher Amp wouldn't be a problem?
  2. I havent tried that. My first priority is to recover some of my data :(. Is there any way i can connect the hard disks to a desktop and use a software to recover the data? It is RAID5 with 4 hard disks.
  3. Hello Team, I have been using a Helios4 NAS for the last year or so. It had been working great until now. I use 4 Seagate hard disks with 4TB each (ST4000DM004). I have always used a UPS with the device and it was safe. More recently we had some problems with the UPS and I had to connect it directly to the power source. About two days ago, I tried doing an apt-upgrade/apt-update and the NAS came crashing down. It now no longer recognizes my hard disk. After a lot of troubleshooting, we found out that the SATA controller is not recognizing the hard disks. There are times (very rare)