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  1. hi, you can see here and use google translate if you dont understand chinese : if you already successfully download the file and other source code from pan baidu, i hope you can reupload it to mega or other site, so people outside china mainland can try it too.
  2. @rna hi, are you sure that Huawei ec6108v9 have armv8 cpu? AFAIK, it has hisilicon hi3798mv100 which is a armv7 Regarding Linux on this box, i have found on chinese forum, someone managed to install Ubuntu 16.04 using serial console and hitool. But the sad news is, it uses ancient kernel 3.10 Unfortunately, i cant try to install it on my box, because the file was uploaded at pan baidu, and i am outside of China mainland. This box is actually very promising, because it has enough ram and emmc, and in my country, second hand from local telco will costs under usd 8