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  1. Thanks for the response. @Myy For anyone following this thread and who is looking for quick fix for TeamViewer. I managed to resolve it with $3 Dummy HDMI plug. I will look into your suggestions as I think there should be better way than use dummy plug. Thanks again for your time. P.S.: Is the CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL=y suppose to go to boot.cmd/armbianEnv.txt or I just need to follow this guide. Sry for stupid question.
  2. Hey all I am pretty new to Linux and Arm devices and not native English speaker so sorry for eye bleeding typos and grammar. I have a trouble to make TeamViewer-host work on Headless Armbian Focal 5.4.46. Installation goes with no issues, but at the end of setup I am getting this error message: "The framebuffer console seems to be unavailable or has the wrong format. For connections to framebuffer consoles to work please make sure that /dev/fb0 is accessible and configured to at least 16-bit depth." I already find out that when I connect any monit