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  1. Thank you hexdump for the suggestion. I don't have another keyboard, but it worked by keeping a key pressed on the keyboard while powering on the box And when I do this and the keyboard works, the output to the hdmi is much slower than when the keyboard is unrecognised. Also FYI, I noticed that the wired ethernet is not working with this u-boot. I tried to use dhcp, but it gives errors about not being able to negociate network speed even if there is link on the cable.
  2. I am trying latest build of 20200831-dev kernel 5.9.0-rc3 on an Amlogic S912 box ( qintaix Q912 Android TV Box ) While it boots ok from USB stick, and with the new u-boot I have HDMI output from u-boot stage, the USB keyboard does not work during u-boot, and I cannot select any other boot options. It complains that "Failed to get keyboard state from device c0f4:01e0" Also tried with ver 20200828 kernel 5.7.16, and same behaviour ( as most likely the u-boot is the same ) The keyboard works fine after booting in armbian linux. Booting with u-boot-s905x-s912 renamed to u-