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  2. Hey, Toots ... how ya' doin'? Swell? Well, dats greaaaaaaaaaaaat. Dat aints no "SOLUTION".I tired doin' what ya said and got PERMISSION DENIED.
  3. Should've added this to the query ... when Armbian boots up, I am not prompted for any Login information. ANYWAY .... hey, folks .... ARMBIAN on TB has pretty much become useless to me. I either need to solve the pwd problem or I'll re-install the OS. And here's the BIGGIE ... I may not re-install ARMBIAN ... instead opting back to TinkerOS. So let's play ball and try to FIX my current issue. Pretend my TB w/Armbian is connected to some important medical device ... say a drug-delivery device ... that needs to be fixed in situ.
  4. I'm trying to update in Htoo_Armbian and being prompted for my [sudo] password. I almost always use one password for all my Linux devices, so I may have set up a password during initial install of Armbian--don't recall. How do I recover my password, enter a new one w/o reinstalling the whole OS?
  5. I use several different portable devices (aka DAPs -- i.e., digital audio players). Examples of DAP manufs: Fiio, Colorfly, iAudio, Teclast, etc. Not sure what default OS each DAP uses -- but likely Linux in their firmware. When I use Win to create a Music SD card, I have no issues with any DAP recognizing or playing back. Ubiquitous FAT support, I assume. About partitioning the SD card ... what's the easiest, quickest way to do this in Armbian ... is there a special native Armbian utility for parting?
  6. I run Armbian on a SanDisk 64GB micro SD card -- using it on Asus TB. Most of the SD card is free space and while I want to keep Armbian as is for the TB, I want to create a multi-OS folder for music and photos. I.e. to use on Android phone, Win PC, Linux Mint computer, etc. Are there any Armbian drawbacks to creating/having such a folder? If not, should I use Armbian to create the empty folder (henceforth, it will be filled with files from multiple devices)? Is there a "best" location to create this generic folder within the Ambian OS card--i.e., as a sub-folder of a default Armbia
  7. I (and users at my company) are not yet comfortable with Linux Terminal/Command Line operations. The folder was dragged into new drive sub-directory. Same as what most folks are used to in Win/Mac environment. In Armbian, we ran into a few of those popups for Skip/Replace/etc. I think we mostly skipped. Anyway, about 1.5TB of data was transferred. When we clicked on Properties on orig-drive and new-drive folders, they almost matched, but maybe the new folder was a few 100 NB smaller (with fewer files, too). This never happens in Windows.
  8. I am copying a folder from one drive to another. The transfer operation encounters duplicate files and ask me to Replace, Replace All, Skip, Skip All ,etc. Some of the files may be the same filename but different file-size (e.g., one is bigger than the other). If I choose Skip All, will Armbian Skip regardless of file-size? Or, if I select Skip All, will it show another message when it encounters same filename but different filesize?
  9. I just installed Armbian Bionic (latest version) onto a Tinker Board (non-S). Connected to my home wireless network. Chromium works fine except when trying to access my Google Account. I get: All my other phones, iPads and PCs are fine. Please help! P.S. I don't think I can install Google Chrome either.