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  1. ok, after reading a lot of post in this forum i saw that the fastest cpu for tvbox was S922X or RK3399, which can advise me the best tvbox with eMMC memory (I will like to install the system on eMMC instead of android) the goal being to find a tvbox that boots with armbian, a network card that works (I only connect to tvbox to the ethernet network, no screen, no sound, no BT or wifi or other, so the graphics are not important, just see in terminal mode) I want to install bionic or focal in server mode. Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks all for your comments, I have order a Rapsberry Pi4 with 8GB for try thanks @Igor @mcb777 can you tell me what image you use for your H96 Max X3 because I have try one but can't boot on it with balbes150 images 20.08 perhaps you can help me I use only the ethernet wire connection (nothing other), I can boot with an old image but ethernet don't work Thanks for your help guys
  3. Hi, I search for a new development the best tvbox for run armbian, docker and microservices if possible around 100$ with 4GB Ram or more and 64 or 128GB eMMC. The display and wifi are not important, we run nodejs services only, so only cpu and eMMC performances are important for us. I have see a topic where balbes150 advises the ugoos AM6. I search a powerful tvbox for Linux usage. Thanks for your help
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