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  1. Hi @balbes150, thanks for the update. May I know where to find this new version? The link on the first page doesn't have it. Thanks
  2. Thank you @balbes150 for your hard work, managed to install and use on my 5+ year old android box. - Minix X8H-Plus. - Armbian_20.07_Aml-s812_bullseye_current_5.8.0-rc3.img - Default dtb, the one in the uEnv.txt file (meson8m2-mxiii-plus). Tried above @ntux dtb (meson8m2-minix-neo-x8-h-plus), no HDMI output, but mac address shown up on my router - Ethernet works, not sure about wifi and bluetooth - Only best for server image, display automatically changed to 720p on my 1080p-60 display Seems stable and currently testing Pi-hole and Emby server (for direct play).