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  1. Kot

    Lichee Pi zero

    Thanks for your answer. My question is not about Wi-Fi support, but about the Keyboard, that could not be recognized by the latest kernel version. Hardware is OK and works good with previous Linux image (4.10.02). With regards, Maksim
  2. Kot

    Lichee Pi zero

    Hi! I want to add R8723BS Wi-Fi support, so I have downloaded the latest Linux sources here and built it with default settings. It looks like Wi-Fi is OK (LED is blinking), but there is no keyboard anymore - when I connect a USB keyboard, I have no message and I'm not able to enter any text. HID support is enabled in menuconfig. I suppose, I didn't enable neccessary options in menuconfig. Please help to find out the reason. Many thanks for help! With regards, Maksim
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