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  1. Sorry I missed your reply earlier. I have recently used armbian-config to go back to the legacy 4.4 kernel and display out is working. Resolution, btw, is just 800x600 viewsonic projector. So, things are working now but I will do a bit more testing in the future on the newer 5.8.x kernel.
  2. Are you seeing lots of dropped packets on wifi or?? Any tips you could give on how to confirm if wifi is working as it should or not? wavemon? For me, I wanted to thank you for linking the u-boot updates, they have booting from sdcard working again (like you I am booting Manjaro from SD for some comparisons). I have 2 main issues with armbian on the pbp: waking from suspend gives a black screen, need to force down the machine and restart, and no sound. I tried some with alsamixer but haven't succeeded on getting anything out of the speakers or headphone jack. Not sure i
  3. In my case, using 20.08.2 (kernel: Linux rockpro64 5.8.6-rockchip64) I thought the board wasn't starting but instead I have ssh but no HDMI output at all? The /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rockpro64.conf file does *not* exist. This may be a candidate for a new topic as it seems like a possibly different issue, but wondering if it is something related to other blacklist entries (or if I need to add some that are not there) for HDMI to be detected? I am seeing the white led continually flash 2 times with a 1 second pause between. Thoughts?