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  1. Thank you for the comprehensive tutorial! Instead of installing the encrypted system on an SD/eMMC I'd like to move the rootfs to my SSD and keep the boot partition on the SD-card (I'm using the Odroid HC4, unfortunately can't boot directly from SSD). Is it sufficient to edit the armbianEnv.txt-file in the SD-card's boot-partition? Do you have any suggestions on this?
  2. Good to see so many responses (indicates an active community :)) @Green Daddythanks for your step-by-step-guide! My HC4 is happy with the provided solution.
  3. Thanks for your response. Thus I could flash a separate boot loader to an SD-card? Which boot loader do I need?
  4. My current HC4-setup consists of 1 SSD and 1 HDD. The SSD contains the most recent Armbian-image (Buster-based) ( Long story short: it won't boot from SSD, and Google tells me it is because Armbian is not compatible with Petiboot. Armbian suggests the following solution: "Important: To be able to boot clean Armbian mainline based u-boot / kernel experiences, you need to remove incompatible Petitboot loader that is shipped with the board. From the Petitboot, go for “Exit to shell” and these commands to remove the Petitboot: