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  1. Aditional steps for Tegra devices without armhf GPU driver (Jetson, Switch etc.) mount /tmp to chroot /tmp, install Xephyr and virglrenderer (recent versions are bugging out with xcb issues, use git checkout to one of November commits and compile working version) on host side and compile virgl mesa driver in chroot. .bashrc of chroot needs also DISPLAY set to :1 (or any port you want to use for Xephyr) and add this two lines ```export LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 export GALLIUM_DRIVER=virpipe``` Before you launching wine or any chroot app, you need to start ```Xephyr :1``` and ```virgl_test_server --use-glx```. I'm not sure if you need use Xephyr on Switch, but default xserver from L4T don't want to work for armhf apps. On my Jetson Nano using jetson_clock gives nice performance boost.