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  1. Okay, good to hear! So in order to have a running system again, I should upgrade to version 5.16 and before i reboot, i should compile kernel and u-boot from the sources?
  2. Thank you for all your efforts. I will wait for your results.
  3. It is really strange. I've done this now multiple times, always with the same result. The upgrade yields the warnings and errors above. Rebooting after the upgrade - and that is really curious - works once. I can log in and do whatever i want, but when i reboot a second time (counting from the last upgrade), the system hangs with the blue alive LED being continuously on (which looks like no kernel is booting at all - at least there is no output on the screen). /var/log/messages also says that no system has been started. dd'ing the image Armbian_5.14_Odroidc2_Debian_jessie_3.14.72 again and eve
  4. After this upgrade, these systems don't reboot correctly. The blue heartbeat LED is constantly on and the ssh login is not available anymore (/etc/network/interfaces and /etc/ssh/sshd_config appear to be okay). This behavior happens consistently on both Odroid C2 after the upgrade and it happens even with a fresh installation and subsequent upgrade. These systems are used headless and it is quiet complicated to see the boot sequence, but i guess i can check that from the logs in some kind of post-portem analysis by inserting the eMMC into another Linux computer. Sometimes, it takes a little lo
  5. I do have problems on my two Odroid C2 after "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade". It happens on a freshly installed Armbian_5.14_Odroidc2_Debian_jessie_3.14.72 (on a 64GB eMMC) immediately after the first login (so at least in principle, i can't be the culprit, but who knows ): The following packages will be upgraded: linux-dtb-odroidc2 linux-headers-odroidc2 linux-image-odroidc2 linux-jessie-root-odroidc2 linux-libc-dev linux-u-boot-odroidc2-default tzdata Preparing to unpack .../linux-dtb-odroidc2_5.16_arm64.deb ... Unpacking linux-dtb-odroidc2 (5.16) over (5.14) ... Preparing