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  1. Ok i understand.... But i'm still surprise that Mr Balbes150 says there is sound in 5.8.x kernels, and you disagree for a couple of months in the futur. If only i have "The Fix" ... I'll share with you off course, that's the deal and soul of GNU/linux users, ins't it ? I'm surprise too, about HardKernel people, not sharing the sound HDMI drivers sources.. I understand it in this way, maybe i'm wrong ! ( i suppose it's a driver issue to integrate with kernel, maybe it's working will installing it with an apt install command ? ) Thank you for efforts , times, replies, and informations.
  2. Hello... No soundcard on odroid N2 with focal fossa image from download server ! ( https://www.armbian.com/odroid-n2/ ) --> Armbian_20.08.1_Odroidn2_focal_current_5.8.5_desktop.img.xz Only Dummy... Did we miss something to do ti get soundcard working with hdmi ? Thanks