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  1. I know this is OFF topic : What if I use Multitool and flash Raspi OS on RK322X tvbox ? Any Clue ?
  2. I have 2 H96MAX as well .4GB ram 64gb Flash and both have same behaviour .I reverted both back to Android and they are performing well. Both boxes are same as @Seth
  3. This is the H96MAX display driver ( more precise LED driver) I couldn't find yet the PDFspecs. I'm asumming this is a sort of TM1637 Led Driver which is by the way I2C or The Two-Wire Interface (TWI) is similar to the I2C interface with a few differences.
  4. Interesting !! I have a couple of H96Max with LCD. I'll check and Let you know people. If this is posible we may add a GPIO Expander like the PCF8575 (16 Pin).
  5. Perfect, I'll try tonight and comment back to you guys Thansks once again
  6. Tell me and I''l do that long process ... TKS
  7. Well I play a lot with this one (the original first Timer) it does not recognise the SD , with multitool. The others 3 are fine and working flawlessly. I think this one Die with Honors ... LOL PD. By the way 1.5Mb speed is not showing nothisn , the image was taken with 115200 Speed.
  8. Gents, All Boards I have I have been properly flashed with Armbian and installed the application I wanted flawlessly. However I do Have the one that I did handle a lot that I have this error below . Any advise on it ( I did try the Shorting Pins Method ) . Thanks in advance
  9. Gents, Finally got it Installed , I'm so happy !! Now I'll check whats working or not (not interested in WIFI in case of failure) . I used Armbian_20.11_Rk322x-box_buster_current_5.9.10_minimal.img ( I dont need Desktop for my purpose) Thanks Very much @jock and @fabiobassa for your patience and guide . Sincerely
  10. Hello, Busy monday ... Perfect So imagetool will shown if your box has NAND or EMMC depending of the chip... Understood. I flashed both legacy Images and it does not boot on Armbian after flash and reboot . If there some other images that I can use for testing Since it looks like you need the "perect fit" for you the board. This is a Microcosmos and I really enjoy the ride . Cesar
  11. Gents, Cant wait until tomorrow. I'm trying to install the Armbian legacy to NAND according to https://www.armbian.com/rk322x-tv-box/ Quick installation instructions on NAND: Build or download your preferred Armbian image and a copy of the Multitool; Check Burn the Multitool on an SD card; once done, place the Armbian legacy kernel image in images folder of the SD card FAT partition;Check Plug the SD card in the TV box and plug in the power cord. After some seconds the blue led starts blinking and the Multitool appears;Check OPTIONAL: you can do a backup of the existing firmware with “Backup flash” menu option;Check Choose “Burn Armbian image via steP-nand” from the menu, then select the destination device (usually rknand0) and the image to burn; I can't see this option “Burn Armbian image via steP-nand” Picture attached Wait for the process to complete, then choose “Shutdown” from main menu; Unplug the power cord and the SD card, then replug the power cord; Wait for 10 seconds, then the led should start blinking and HDMI will turn on. The first time the boot process will take a couple of minutes or more because the filesystem is going to be resized, so be patient and wait for the login prompt. On first boot you will be asked for entering a password for root user of your choice and the name and password for a regular user Run sudo rk322x-config and select your board characteristics to enable leds, wifi chips, etc… Run armbian-config to configure timezone, locales and other personal options Congratulations, Armbian is now installed! Here attched picture and logs Thanks once again in advance imgtoll1.5m.txt imgtool115200.txt
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