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  1. hello, I have a TX9S 2GB 16GB (model clone) and I would like to be installing Armbian on it, however I am a bit layman on the subject, to start I downloaded an image in version 20.02, I modified the dtb and uEnv.txt using dtb gxm-s912-libretech-pc.dtb, I did the process all right but at the time of installation there is an error called LABEL = ROOTFS does not exist. In the second attempt I downloaded another image this time a 20.05 I did the same procedure but a box did not boot and was in black screen, I also tested the gxm-q201.dtb and was not successful. Could someone help me indicate an image and a compatible dtb with a box, or maybe a similar tutorial? I await the reply sorry for the improvised translation.
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