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  1. Thanks for your apply! Maybe I should just wait for 5.10... The whole sunxi vpu thing is a little bit confusing for a non kernel/ffmpeg background user like me, and what I could do is jut repeat the TRY-FAILURE-GOOGLE loop...
  2. Hey guys. I have been trying to utilize H5 vpu decoding for 10+ hours... Still no go. Here is the checklist: kernel Using mainline kernel 5.8.9 from Armbian/build current. `uname -a` output: All kernel configs needed on Sunxi-Cedrus homepage were added, cma set to 256M. libva-v4l2-request Using https://github.com/Sash0k/libva-v4l2-request master. Compiled and make installed. `vainfo` output: `v4l2-ctl --list-formats` output: `./v4l2-request-test -f 25 -l` output