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  1. Hi @MacBreaker, Yes, it helped a lot! Everything works fine! I'm just wondering why we need to write sun8i_di - with low dash - if the platform name is sun8i-di, with regular hyphen...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All my seven cameras appears correctly now: # v4l2-ctl --list-devices USB 2.0 Camera: USB Camera (usb-1c1b000.usb-1.1.1): /dev/video2 /dev/video3 SMI: SMI (usb-1c1b000.usb-1.1.2): /dev/video8 /dev/video9 HBV camera: HBV camera (usb-1c1b000.usb-1.1.3): /dev/video6 /dev/video7 SMI: SMI (usb-1c1b000.usb-1.1.4): /dev/video12 /dev/video13 USB 2.0 Camera: USB Camer
  2. Hi! I recently upgraded the OS of my OpiZeroLTS, from the Debian Stretch Server 5.3.5 (available distro on Sunxi website) to Debian Buster 5.8.5 (downloaded from armbian webpage). Everything went well, except when I plug my USB webcam several video devices are assigned. I made a script with fswebcam to acquire still pictures from all /dev/video* and these "ghost" cameras are causing errors when the software try to open them as regular webcams. My script: for vid in /dev/video*; do output=$(basename $vid) fswebcam -d $vid -r 1920x1080 -D 10 -S 5 -F 1 -