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  1. Long story short: in buster works everything well - i am back now…
  2. And one more info - i can add the printer on win 10, or inux - and it works. But AirPrint does not
  3. Hi, after upgrade to armbian bullseye AirPrint on odroid HC2 from iPhone/ipad stopped works. I share old HP Printer on cups - on previously version of armbian works everything well. Cups is accessible, testpage works, but iPhone does not see any printer i have tried. I can not know where start to find a solution sorry for my english
  4. Hi, please, which core are You using on odroid HC2? I am running on HC2 only openmediavault, but i will try nextcloud in the docker - which core image is better for?
  5. Hi, i have odroid HC2 with up-to-date armbian (kernel 4.something - i am not at home, i do not remember its version) I have issues with samba speed - before last minority update it was 115/110 MB/s (read/write) now it is 100/90 with cifs mount in arch linux and 60/60 in Windows 10. Cables, router - everything is untact and still the same cpu governor is on demand, samba is installed over OMV, htop shows max 10%, ram the same where can be the problem?
  6. Is there the same IP adresa after update and reboot? I had the same problem - after update i have got ip, but before it was - i realy do not know why
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