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  1. I was thinking of reballing, until I watched this video from Lewis. Maybe oven would fix it, but unless it's a permanent fix it is no good to me. Next time, I think I will just return for refund (unfortunately, I opened it).
  2. Hi, I was using USB thumb drive running a slideshow 24/7 (the images were on the USB, and the OS running on the emmc). But, I didn't see any short circuits. I checked different pins on the board, and 5V (or 3.3V) was present. I swapped out the board with another, and the new board has not shown any issues ... more than 1 week now non-stop. The only thing I can think of is a component becoming undone and requires reballing. I might try the oven option. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, NicoD. Yes, I'm sure I did not use wrong adapter. I have 2 boxes with both 5V/2A adapters, and I was able to confirm the PSU was ok - by checking it on the other box. I have switched now from this X96Max+ (S905X3) to another box S905D. The S905D has been running with no issues 24/7 for 5 days now. The other one did not last that long. It seems to me that the problem was a hardware issue with the x96Max box. I don't know why, but the X96Max+ board just died. Maybe it got too hot. I was looking at the CPU temp sometimes, but I didn't se
  4. Hi all, I was running Armbian as a LAMP server on x96Max board on emmc. I was using a USB Wifi dongle, and also a USB thumbdrive for local storage. Everything was working great..24/7 for a few weeks. Then suddenly just stopped. Now the board won't start-up at power-on. Tried toothpick reset, and also I've tried several PSUs, which work ok with other boards. I have a 5V/4A PSU, and a couple of 5V/2A PSUs. There's no LED, and no HDMI signal. And the Wifi dongle doesn't light up (so the OS isn't starting). Also I've checked fo