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  1. Just tried but still Wi-Fi issue persisted. If someone can get his hand on an Orangepir1 and try it.. if it is not an OS issue then it could be my SBC who suffers from a defect?
  2. here Wifi is no longer available and I had to plug the ethernet cable which got IP: (Wifi had IP: before it vanished)
  3. Hi. I'm using "Orangepi-r1_focal_current_5.8.5" Armbian. I'm connected to it via Wifi. Everything working fine, but after few hours, I notice that it is no longer showing on my network. If I connect by cable I can ssh to it via ethernet without any issue and it stays available for several days without disconnecting. Any idea why this happens? when Wifi disconnects I will have to reboot to show it again. And I am not running any program on it. Is orange pi r1 wifi like orange pi zero wifi suffering from poor software support?