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  1. Yes I have some problems in that sense. Using card, the device does not start at all. I tried using the toothpick and also without using it and with the card inserted, it still doesn't give any lifesign, since the monitor connected doesn't receive signal. Via update tool is impossible since it doesn't exist in my version (strange but true), maybe I have some proprietary or modified version I don't know. However I will now try to flash the stock 7.1.2 and start over the procedure, maybe I will be lucky. Still many thanks
  2. Hello, I'm new in this forum and I'm trying to install on eMMC of my x96mini a distro of armbian. First of all I would thank a lot all the supporters of this project. I've read almostall the posts and learnt that @Turgus has very much experience on this device (x96mini), and also that many problems are always behind the corner. So I would ask him/her if can be so kind to give me some tips. My problem is that I couldn't find any working .dbm file for this device and so it doesn't start up with micro SD. Maybe I wrongly do the procedure, anyway I'm trying with the toothpick reset procedure indicated by @balbes150 however it doesn't start up. Thanks
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