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  1. Light dimming stickers I use them all over the place https://www.amazon.com/LightDims-Black-Out-Electronics-Appliances/dp/B00CLVQG68/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=blackout+stickers&qid=1605561893&sr=8-2
  2. RamsDeep

    Helios64 Support

    Is there a How-To for deploying ZFS anywhere? I am a beginner and figuring this out as I go. Installing the module from OMV does not appear to work for me currently Thanks
  3. RamsDeep

    Helios64 Support

    ZFS Builds Fine? ZFS appears as an option in storage but I am getting all sorts of load errors My experience is not as fruitful. Most likely due to my naivete. Could you point me in the direction a guide? I am shooting blanks Thank You
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