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  1. Hi Wolfgang, thats good news. Regarding the image i provided, there was smth. in the description about parts of NetworkManager that had been disabled for a reason. I think it was esp. about WLAN and configuration of the bridge. Anyways, pls keep me informed, when you make progress or re-enable your old/broken build. I had a little bike-accident feel a little handicapped now. So i won`t be able to setup a compile-environment as planned. Will leave hospital on Tuesday and see what i can do one-handed regards, Andreas
  2. Hello Werner & Wollik, me too i just got my hands on two Lamobo-R1 boards. I found a armbian-image that works fine for me. Maybe i'll try to brew my own using the build-tools. If anybody has some R1-image, i'd be happy to test it. @Wollik: the image i'm using using now is named "2019-12-23-Armbian-Buster-10.2-lamobo-r1.img" [1]. I can't use WiFi in client-mode - though all WLAN-networks show up, i cannot connect ? Maybe a antenna problem. All the rest works perfectly for me - tvheadend, SSD etc. Definitly the best image that i could find - i tried a Ubuntu 16.04 and