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  1. Maskrom mode: shortcircuit between points B and C. This works perfect for My X88Pro 10.
  2. Hi @jock In fact, audio output is ok for composite with anyone: Option 1: In /etc/asound.conf: defaults.pcm.card 2 defaults.ctl.card 2 Option 2: In MPV with option: --audio-device=alsa/default:CARD=ANALOG But I can't get the video output via composite, it only works via HDMI. Thanks
  3. I managed to install Armbian Focal Legacy Minimal on my MXQPro-RK3228A without any problem, but only the HDMI video output works. Has anyone managed to use the analog output? My installation does not have u-boot. The boot configurations are in armbianEnv.txt.
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