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  1. I just decided to remove the M4V2 and attached NVME hat from the case (that came with the hat inside) and went back to using the heat sink on the bottom of the M4V2 like I had before I even had the NVME hat. It has helped and I've ordered a heatsink for the NVME. It just seemed to me like the better overall solution in my case, I can do without the case. I don't need to have a sealed unit.
  2. I was commented more on the prior post. And I apologize, I don't write things well. I tried the DietPi version for the Nanopi m4v2 and the fan would kick in, yet with the Armbian version at similar temperature ranges it never did. I'm looking into that but I'm no expert by any means, just a curios person. lol There is a fan that comes with the metal case that also includes the nvme hat. The fan is plugged into a connector on the nvme hat. It's a 12 volt fan and it doesn't seem to have a variable speed, it just shuts on and off with bursts of some activities. But i
  3. Hi, I'm having a similar problem running the server version of focal for armbian with 5.8.13 kernel. It seems to get fairly warm when left idle with the NVME hat. I can feel the heat of the aluminum case. Current temps are: cpu 51.7C and gpu 49.4C and they were lower by 2C 10 minutes ago and I'm not having the system do anything. And the fan doesn't come on anymore. I installed fancontrol but pwmconfig doesn't find any fan sensor. Kevin