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  1. The Linux 5.8 kernel is getting more and more stable now. I have to do a hard-reset on Helios64 at least once per day before and I rarely have to do it after Armbian 20.08.10. Although I am still waiting for the DAS mode to be sorted out on USB-C port (I never touched the USB-C port after getting OMV fixed up). My only concern now is the CPU temperature. It sometimes runs up to around 65-70 C. I got a spare 2-pin cpu fan that I bought for my Raspberry Pi 4 and I think it could be installed onto the Helios64's heatsink. I just have to figure out where should the two power pins be put onto. Note.: I installed the OS on MicroSD card. I know EMMC would run faster but I am OK with the speed now.
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