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  1. Not rw, but for read-only there is Linux Reader from Disk Internals You need the pro version ($29.95 USD) to read zfs. Alternatively you could install linux in a VM and give it direct access to the zfs drive.
  2. What are you all using for stress testing? Is there something better than iozone ? I don't have an array - just 5 individual disks - to be accessed by NFS and samba. I'm running plain armbian ubuntu. I really want to run this thing before I trust it with my data. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Assembled my first (of two) helios64s. I needed to insulate the chassis around the leds, but the USB-C connector fit perfectly into the back panel opening. I noticed a problem with the sata cable for slot 1 where it passes under the chassis to reach the board socket. The chassis has a sharp edge that presses onto the cable, so I padded it with some electrical tape. In the box containing the system board there was a plastic bag with two jumper plugs and two screws and a threaded spacer. What is the purpose of the spacer and screws? I had stability prob
  4. Search on Amazon for LightDims. Stick-on, peel-off semi-transparent plastic film in several different transparency levels - 50%, 15%, 0% (perhaps more levels).