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  1. Already reverted to 5.4, will give it another shot when it gets bumped, thanks.
  2. Hey guys! I am running Armbian 22.05.3 on my Odroid XU4. Very happy with it. I just installed linux-image-edge-odroidxu4 (kernel 5.17) and rebooted. Everything hunky dory. However, once I'm on 5.17 I am unable to reboot by using the 'reboot' or 'shutdown -r now' commands, which worked on the default 5.4 kernel. Is this a known issue? Any hints on how to debug or any known workarounds? Thank you
  3. Is voting closed or can I not vote because of my user status? Thanks!
  4. I'd reckon Armbian maintainers turn these on by default, you can grep for them (if you know the name of the mitigation symbols in the kernel) in /boot/config-*. E.g. the CONFIG_CPU_SPECTRE symbol on my Exynos-based Odroid XU4: # grep -i spectre /boot/config-5.4.72-odroidxu4 CONFIG_CPU_SPECTRE=y Apparently 5.10 comes with rewritten Spectre mitigation code for ARM64.
  5. @flower and @barnumbirr Which Noctua fans did you get? Also curious if anyone has installed a dust filter behind the front grille. Thanks!
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