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  1. Was the cable, new one worked like a champ. False alarm, thanks for the sanity check.
  2. I'm getting the message on the client USB side. I think I got either a bad cable or just the wrong one. Ordered this to try (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08BLHGWHS). I was grounding the cable, but I think the PL2303 is looking for more juice.
  3. Using P14 in the documentation (https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/usb/#serial-console) I am unable to get a serial connection to work. Has anyone been able to get UART2 debug Serial working using P14 and an FT232 USB cable? With Kobol plug pulled looking to just have this run in DAS mode over USB-C to still get use without fear but still need to maintain serial console to monitor booting as it sometimes locks up on boot. Downclocking to 1Ghz or below conservative seems to do a lot better but still looking to have remote debug console. When I try to connect I just get the follow error and no output. pl2303_get_line_request - failed: -32
  4. My logs are actually from a serial console start up. The logs I captured was a fresh SD card with 20.08.13 on the first time boot. I had the same problem, you can see my logs above. I was getting the same errors after the update from 20.08.10 to 20.08.13, but also on first boot on a fresh 20.08.13 as well.
  5. Ran an update and now on 20.08.13 but getting errors immediately. Thought maybe it was something I had done so was preparing to start with a fresh install. First boot on SD with 20.08.13 gets the following error on boot.
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