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  1. Subject: Question on disk usage I completed my build of my Helios64 with 5 12tb WD drives in a Raid 5 array and got it up and running with only minor issues. (I had to manually install Open Media Vault as the box would appear to hang if I attempted to install using armbian-config. ) I've transferred over about 16TB of movies without issues and got Plex configured to use it. All is working well! The one issue I've seen is the box hard drive lights will show lots of blinking and activity for several hours when there is nobody or no one accessing the box at all. If I reboot, the lights/activity start up as soon as it reboots. But, most of the time the lights are solid lit when there is no activity as I would expect. Is there some kind of housekeeping being done periodically or other reason for the hard drives to be accessed? Kirk