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  1. I upgraded with no problems. Honestly happy to see the stuff with Mesa moving along - you have a desktop with OpenGL acceleration out of the box. Thinking of trying some Retro gaming on it out of curiosity. Still looking out for transcoding or even just decoding.
  2. Wanted to extend another gesture of support for taking a break. Hopefully the market will be more flexible to enable you guys to push a new product in the coming months.
  3. Mighty impressive! Looking forward to the mainline release
  4. A small update if you're willing to use a legacy kernel: I have not tested it yet...
  5. It seems V4L2_M2M acceleration (h264 encode support) is our best option for ffmpeg, however, I have not made much progress beyond learning as I go. If you make progress that'd be great to know.
  6. Hello, I am quite new to this topic, and I have found it to be quite complex. I primarily work with tiny MCUs and RTOSes, but I am enjoying the Linux space so far. In essence I would like to use the Mali GPU that is embedded within the RK3399 of the Helios64 for hardware transcoding. This isn't a novel idea, as shown by these sources: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/9272-development-rk3399-media-script/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/66675-36078-transcoding-rockpro64/ I am using Jellying, and in so FFMPEG to decode/encode the data streams. It seems that V4L2 is supported for hardware ecoding/decoding in the FFMPEG package, but in my experience doesn't appropriately work with the Mesa Panfrost drivers (https://wiki.debian.org/PanfrostLima) and the ARM drivers fail to compile with the kernel headers provided by the armbian-config script. I like the idea of having hardware accelerated transcoding, and I'm not even interested in 4K content, but my helios64 fails to transcode h265 (HEVC) to h264 at a playable rate. Secondly I like to have watch-togethers with my friends and I have to use my power-hungry PC for this. Of course I can introduce new hardware to do this like an arm64 laptop, but I like the all-in-one solution, and I simply can't be the only one that feels this way. Has anyone had success with hardware acceleration? Any ROE or ongoing efforts? Thanks, Victor
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