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  1. Wanted to extend another gesture of support for taking a break. Hopefully the market will be more flexible to enable you guys to push a new product in the coming months.
  2. Mighty impressive! Looking forward to the mainline release
  3. A small update if you're willing to use a legacy kernel: I have not tested it yet...
  4. It seems V4L2_M2M acceleration (h264 encode support) is our best option for ffmpeg, however, I have not made much progress beyond learning as I go. If you make progress that'd be great to know.
  5. Hello, I am quite new to this topic, and I have found it to be quite complex. I primarily work with tiny MCUs and RTOSes, but I am enjoying the Linux space so far. In essence I would like to use the Mali GPU that is embedded within the RK3399 of the Helios64 for hardware transcoding. This isn't a novel idea, as shown by these sources: I am using Jellying, and in so FFMPEG to decode/encode the data stream