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  1. Success-ish? I have now been able to get u-boot loaded through the serial console, and have booted from both USB flash drive and a SATA attached drive. I cannot say why the bootloader on the board fails to launch u-boot from anywhere but the serial port. Attempting more discovery, shaving of yaks and whacking of moles now that I have a full OS at hand.
  2. Progress! I have a u-boot console. Thank you to @aprayoga for the attached files. it looks like I have hardware issues with the µSD card reader though. => mmc list mv_sdh: 0 => mmc info unable to select a mode => mmc part unable to select a mode Going to inspect the sd reader with a borescope and see if there are any bent pins or the like.
  3. Experimenting this morning, it looks like the board doesn't even get to loading u-boot. It's failing before that. :/ This seems to be the bootloader on the board itself having issues. I'll try getting kwboot going now and see if that's any better.
  4. Ooooh, this is good news - no I had not seen this update. I'll try that next and see if recovery via an interactive u-boot is possible. That was me "flipping all the bits on the boot DIP switches" trying to make something happen I haven't found any references to kwboot. If you're able to point me to something to read/research on that, that'd be grand.
  5. DUring a fresh install of Debian buster recently, I went through the armbian-config setup, which finished with "install a whole lot of package updates, and update the boodloader." Since I've rebooted from that, the board no longer boots. It's been a while, so I have unfortunately forgotten the details of what actually happened. I didn't expect that set of updates to change anything in the firmware, only the OS and u-boot on the MMC-card. The board powers on, attempts to boot from the MMC and then bails. This is the error log: (slightly trimmed) I've tried several different MMC cards. I've tried booting from SPI, SATA and UART, all with various forms of failure. SATA & SPI also give bad header messages. UART just never seems to do anything - there don't appear to be any functional docs for this recovery method. What's next? This board is currently a heavy (and hot) paperweight.
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