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  1. I have given up trying to boot armbian s8xx on atv1200 meson6. Instead decided to install octoprint on the box. After 5 days managed to install octoprint 1.3.12 on Volumio2.692-2019-12-29-amlg02ref.img and my ender3 is working stable on it. My other armbian box s905 with docker is now free for something else. Can someone help in making boot from SD without "toothpick" . I am having trouble understanding uboot script This is the aml_autoscript from Volumio2.692-2019-12-29-amlg02ref.img (it has to be changed to: factory_update_param.ubt for box to boot fom SD) setenv kernel_addr "0x82000000" setenv initrd_addr "0x83000000" setenv boot_start "bootm ${kernel_addr} ${initrd_addr}" setenv bootargs "root=/dev/ram0 rdinit=/init imgpart=LABEL=volumio imgfile=/volumio_current.sqsh bootpart=LABEL=BOOT datapart=LABEL=volumio_data hwdevice=amlg02ref rootwait rw console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0 no_console_suspend consoleblank=0 mac=00:00:dd:6a:6b:c0 logo=osd1,0x84100000,720p" if mmcinfo 0; then if fatload mmc 0 ${kernel_addr} uImage; then if fatload mmc 0 ${initrd_addr} uInitrd; then run boot_start; fi;fi;fi; Thank you in advance. Best regards, brajomobil
  2. You helped with docker. I will need it when/if I boot my box. Thank you. Best regards, brajomobil
  3. Inside dtb folder of s8xx images there is meson6-atv1200.dtb files. That is for my box. But it is not working. I asked for someone to confirm that image s8xx can work on my box. Tried many volumio and LE images made by balbes150 non of them can my box boot. It is old box I konw but I have hard time parting from it. Best regards, brajomobil
  4. ATV1200 g18ref meson6 the only image I can load is: Volumio2.692-2019-12-29-amlg02ref.img It has kernel 3.10 and docker can't run on kernel 3.1.xxx Here is the debug: Bus Width: 4-bit reading factory_update_param.ubt 623 bytes read ## Executing script at 82000000 Device: SDIO Port B Manufacturer ID: 0 OEM: 0 Name: Tran Speed: 20000000 Rd Block Len: 512 SD version 2.0 High Capacity: Yes Capacity: 8057257984 Boot Part Size: 0 Bus Width: 4-bit reading uImage 3468486 bytes read reading uInitrd 28178297 bytes read ## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 82000000 ... Image Name: Linux-3.10.108 Image Type: ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed) Data Size: 3468422 Bytes = 3.3 MiB For any other image I get this or similar: (this is from image: Armbian_5.77_Aml-s812_Ubuntu_bionic_default_3.10.108_20190326 ) It does not come to point of loading kernel ?! Bus Width: 4-bit reading factory_update_param.ubt 1098 bytes read ## Executing script at 82000000 Using default environment Saving Environment to SPI Flash... Erasing SPI flash...spi_claim_bus: bus:0 cs:0 Erase:0 Erase:1000 Erase:2000 Erase:3000 Erase:4000 Erase:5000 Erase:6000 Erase:7000 spi_release_bus: bus:0 cs:0 Writing to SPI flash...spi_claim_bus: bus:0 cs:0 spi_release_bus: bus:0 cs:0 done resetting ... EEEE I3000000032940xf300110303;77520EEEE I400000004294_M6_BL1_3431>2534313▒ chip type = MX ddr type = 256*8*4 1G DDR clock is 504MHz with 1T mode I have tried over 15 images with similar debug output... Thank you in advance. Best regards, brajomobil
  5. @AzuriAdore Thank you for help with docker. Best regards, brajomobil
  6. Managed to connect USB uart cable to ATV1200 meson6 with SD or USB and image: Armbian_20.06.0_Aml-s812_focal_current_5.8.0-rc2_20200626.img This is the debug of log, hope someone can point me in the right direction... https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rjdsg9z4cvlxqc/ATV1200_meson6_SD_boot.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/obhndw9xlbjh84b/ATV1200_meson6_only_USB.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xofxpmusueq4zi8/ATV1200_meson6_SD_plus_USB.txt?dl=0 Best regards, brajomobil
  7. @balbes150 Docker is working fine on s905x(my other box) @daniyo Did you install docker via "armbian-config" or manually ? Best regards, brajomobil
  8. Hi, I have old android box ATV1200 cpu AML8726-MX . In image: Armbian_20.06.0_Aml-s812_focal_current_5.8.0-rc2_20200626 there is dtb : meson6-atv1200.dtb Image not working, black screen. Don't have uart/ttl cable. Box is working with: LibreELEC-Amlogic_G02REF.arm-9.0-devel-20190106221300-df9076a.img but it has old kernel and Docker can't work on it. The box will be used only for Docker, nothing else. Can someone confirm the box can work with the above image. Searched the forum and can't find definite answer Thank you in advance, Best regards, brajomobil
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