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  1. Was looking for a place to post a solution to this issue, but you guys have got there before me.As others have described, booting a (my) Pinebook with the latest version of Armbian (tried both Bionic and Buster) results in a blank screen seconds after boot.This is even after booting to multi-user.target when there should be no graphical display manager running.I got the latest kernel/version available for 19 and tried that (Kernel 5.4.62) and that worked.Previously I'd tried doing a full firmware upgrade, disabling the lightdm.service, setting the boot target to multi.user/3 and disabling the autologin (in case that had something to do with it) but under the 5.8 I got the blank screen each time.Not complaining here - just wanted to confirm I'd had the same issue.Love Armbian and all the great work that's being done - peace to all. Manjaro ARM also does the same thing, by the way, so it's not just an Armbian issue
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