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  1. Gentlemen, **Issue solved. @gprovost; I tested with ext4 and now max out gigabit; PC --> Helios64 over SMB or FTP --> and. USB 3.1 UAS - I had no idea how bad NTFS was, and how much of a penalty hit. ** Thanks for testing, saved me the trouble of trying to tweak samba and mocking up things for no reason. @Werner; Yes my main concern was portability and flexibility ; I have two 8bay DAS enclosures with 8TB disks all partitioned with NTFS. and I do use WIN 10.
  2. Thanks for your response! No.. Not using OMV. (Was not certain if I loaded OMV if it would wipe out my huge collections of Movies/TV-Shows so played it safe; I think I read somewhere OMV will not work with NTFS and will want to reformat.) - 5x SATA mounted using fstab. Here are the results of the FTP tests. I get 39.57MB/s (far cry than expected 113MB/s over GIG) but consistent with my SMB tests. -snip- 226 Transfer complete. ftp: 17242487284 bytes sent in 435.70Seconds 39573.77Kbytes/sec. ftp> -end snip- ** Do you think the issu
  3. Linux Hell64 5.8.17-rockchip64 #20.08.21 SMP PREEMPT Sat Oct 31 08:22:59 CET 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux I've been testing the performance and comparing to another NAS I have (WD PR4100) and the Helios64 performance has not been fairing well. Setup are almost identical on the same switch connected gig ethernet. Using SAMBA ,NO Raid. Testing with SATA drives HD's previously formatted for NTFS. and UAS USB 8 Bay DAS. Reading from Helios64 to Windows 10 PC I achieve expected 113MB/s and from USB attached to Helios 110MB/s. Writing speeds are very poor and a
  4. Thanks I've downgraded to Linux Kernel 4.4 to test it out; will use referenced URL thank you. Is there an ETA for 5.9? Again thanks for your support.
  5. Has anybody got DAS mode working using USB-C ? Using: Armbian 20.08.21 Buster with Linux 5.8.17-rockchip64 I was not certain, I thought I read it was supported. I was hoping to use Windows 10 via USB 3.1 --> Helios64 USB-C to copy large video library. Note; using UART via COM3 is working as expected. Note; in windows I do remember seeing some USB error loading some USB driver; would it be related to some missing driver?int Any successful implementation of USB DAS interface; I would be happy to hear from you.