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  1. I only encountered the 197X issue on my allwinner h3 based devices. I have 1X orange pi pc (h3) 2X orange pi one (h3) 3X banana pi M1 (a20) 1X orange pi PC 2 (h5) The h3 devices were crashing to 197X and I used to reboot them daily. They are all working fine now with 5.8 kernels and stable.
  2. Hi, My orange pi PC and orange pi one used to crash like this. It was fixed by running a more recent linux kernel, I recall it being stable in linux kernel 5.7 and above. From your pastelog, i see you are running an older version of armbian and using 5.4 linux kernel. My crashing back to 197X year problem went away I think after upgrading to 5.7 linux kernel or above. It used to hang and reboot into year 197X every 3 to 17 days. I can confirm fixed cpu speed made it stable but with the current mainline kernel there is no need for this anymore.