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  1. Finally: # armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to http://ix.io/42l6 Please post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. Cheers for all thanks
  2. $ hostnamectl Static hostname: arm-64 Icon name: computer Machine ID: c89ea87dd75d4e68995ac8cb2fa01034 Boot ID: 4ba76312272d4c0d9073bd62958029af Operating System: Armbian 20.10 Bullseye Kernel: Linux 5.9.0-arm-64 Architecture: arm64
  3. Hi everyone I had written the lines above, but, recently I used a new kernel image from ArmBian. The system is fast and stable: PRETTY_NAME="Armbian 20.10 Bullseye" NAME="Debian GNU/Linux" ID=debian HOME_URL="https://www.debian.org/" SUPPORT_URL="https://www.debian.org/support" BUG_REPORT_URL="https://bugs.debian.org/" VERSION_ID="11" VERSION="11 (bullseye)" the TV BOX installed is here? https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/32801123853.html or https://www.geekbuying.com/item/Diamond-A9-Amlogic-S912-2GB-16GB-TV-Box-388986.html But I have a lot of the troubles with the Ethernet (eth0), due the this board is not supported or well known by any DTB files in this version. Luckily, the tip from : I build some DTB files for this Box RUPA Diamond S912 A9, based in @mumpitzstuff description. I follow all the steps et all. The DTS and DTB generated for this box are in: https://github.com/claudiosa/linux_variety/tree/master/armbian/rupa_DIAMOND_A9_S912_2G/extlinux Three of them that worked are attached. Remenber do the conversion DTS to DTB with some warnings. Really, I would like know where @mumpitzstuff discovered such technical details for this Ethernet board. The sound from HDMI is not working yet, future, any adaptation in DTS files to works fine. Really, a great job for this forum people. Everyone helps as possible. Please, feel free to react me ccs1664 meson-gxm-beelink-gt1_DIAMOND.dts meson-gxm-q200-n1_DIAMOND.dts meson-gxm-T95z-khadas-vim2_Diamond.dts
  4. Hi, after the boot, there´s a script called install-aml.sh, maybe located in /boot or / system, run it to install in emmc! Run it using the bash command: sh install-aml.sh. Once copied to emmc, reboot the box soon and install all the packages that you need. This file does a physical copy of whole system to emmc, it uses the "dd" command, precisely.
  5. Hi everyone!!! After a some time away, I decided to deep in an installation of ARMBIAN on S912. I follow the steps described above, complemented with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4qzfOOPbYA and https://i12bretro.github.io/tutorials/0094.html Some cares must checked (and minors workaround) to boot from micro-SD, but at the end, everything runs fine. My box is a Diamond A9 (RUPA) with 2G/16G (RAM and ROM) The sound only by the HDMI and the AV/SPDIF does not work neither. The final result was reasonable due the speed, my expectations were bigger. But everything is runs stable but slow. Thanks for all, specially, balbes and steeman for this thread. Cheers Claudio
  6. Hi Jock (Paolo) I had sent a private message, but later I saw many messages from Charles Bauer, heading a project where I am also involved. Here, we are receiving some hundreds of TV BOX, MXQ PRO, model 3228A (probably 1 of RAM and 8 of ROM) and with the task to transform it a Linux machine. Well, this task requires some scalability to do this conversion following a methodology. What I had thought: 1. Install the ARMBIAN in one these box, and configure it with all desired customizations 2. Do a back-up of this box using the Multitool (option for backup) I saw that the Multitool did a copy of whole eMMC (or NAND) memory... resulting in a file without extension of 7,8G (around this ) My supposition about this backup option, it generates a whole image of this TV BOX, and ready to be replicated in another similar box??? Am I right? 3. Using the restore option, I choose this file to burn news TV BOX. Am I correct in my reasoning? Is there another stractegy to replicate a configuration in hundred of box? Unfortunately, I can not do a dd from another Linux machine, using a male-to-male USB, once the MXQ PRO, with any powering in usb it boots!!!! Any tips to replicate a hundred of TVBOX in customized ARMBIAN? Am I correct to install the backup, an image, by restore with Multittol? How can I copy with dd all the system from a TVBOX with Rockchip 322X ... it simply boots connecting any male-to-male USB cable Cheers in advance claudio PS: this project has some support of Brazillian governament
  7. Jock In both figures, the chipset is cover with the dissipator. Is it a RK322X? Normally, with the data about the correct CPU, ROM and RAM, try apply to use a similar software. I did it once with success on an ANDROID ROM from another manufacturer. claudio PS: Jock, I just sent you a private message about a question on multitool. Feel free to put it in this forum
  8. Hi Everyone I have one Matricom G-Box Android with Lollipop 5.1.1. But, they discontinued an Android for this box. So, after a well succeeded Armbian installation in a MXQ PRO with RK3228A, I want to do the same with this box. As I can not find nothing about these steps, except the kernel generation (https://github.com/SLAzurin/armbian-aml-s8xx-kernel-build-steps). Well, someone could be provide all the steps by-steps for an ARMBIAN installation in this box? How to generate a SD or USB card? Which kernel .Image or zip file should burn it? For instance, for box with Rockship are well described here in Armbian site, but nothing for Amlogic boards, specifically this S802 ? Thanks in advance claudio
  9. Hi Jock Once time you save me. I just install pavucontrol and pulseaudio ... probably I had purged them by my mistake. Everything is running pretty well, the pavucontrol is mandatory. For the next time I will send you a photo of my desktop (I use the ICEWM). I am keeping some information about my experiments in: https://github.com/claudiosa/linux_variety/tree/master/armbian and https://github.com/claudiosa/linux_variety/tree/master/icewm (one the very best desktop for it) Thanks once Claudio PS 1 : someone from Armbian could be answer me, of my offer to translate some scripts of ARMBIAN to PORTUGESE (PT and BR)??? PS 2 : Mark this as solved ! https://github.com/claudiosa/linux_variety/blob/master/armbian/sound_OK.png
  10. Hi Everyone I installed the Armbian in a TVBOX with 1 G ram and 8 ROM, cpu RK3228a, quadri-core 1.2. (a classical MXq PRO 5G very known in Brazil). I also did a video in PORTUGESE in youtube ... Everything was working fine, but after one aptitude update & aptitude dist-upgrade, I lost the sound. The version that is running: armbian 20.11.3 Buster How can I access the HDMI output and enable its sound output? In addition, the AV output works? In my case it is not recognize it Thanks in advance CLAUDIO root@rk322x-box:/home/ccs# armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to http://ix.io/2Jyc Please post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. root@rk322x-box:/home/ccs# htop root@rk322x-box:/home/ccs# armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to http://ix.io/2Jye Please post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. root@rk322x-box:/home/ccs#
  11. Jock I reinstall the system now with Debian (minimal - Buster) and ICEWM graphical interface. The icewm is lighter than XFCE and other. the 3D habitation was confirmed by $ glxinfo | grep "direct rendering" direct rendering: Yes ... but unfortunately the KODI keeps very LOW ... definitely I gave up of KODI under ARMBIAN. My "beast" with 1G ram, 1.2 Ghz, is very weak for this proposal. Someone from this forum experimented the LibreELEC with some success ... in my tests with LibreELEC none image booted ... is there any trick to burn an image of LibreELEC? Sorry, I know, this forum is of Armbian (great distro). Anyone has a LibreELEC image for MXQPro-RK3228A ? Any trick to burn in a SD? How to boot it? Excuse me for this "out-topic" claudio PS: anyway my Armbian (Debian minimal) with ICEWM is very fast !!!!
  12. Hi Jock Thanks for your quick response. Positive or negative results on your indication I will be asking here. Really any 3D habilitation was done in this installation. Thanks meanwhile claudio
  13. Hi everyone I installed Armbian Focal Legacy Minimal (UBUNTU version 20.04) on my MXQPro-RK3228A, once that this board has only 1 Giga RAM and 8 of ROM. I did this migration once that KODI in Android on this TV-BOX, really does not work appropriately. So, the linux with the XFCE was a natural path for me. Well, after installation I try the Linux with KODI... it works, but VERY SLOWLY ... impossible to use something like that. I just watch European TV channels, more specific the FRENCH TV. I have a VPN and to watch by browser should be a solution except that Firefox is quite SLOW also. So I would some application for Linux to watch TV. I experimented a freetux but is very limited on channels available. Someone could be give me some idea about an application or alternative for the poor TV-BOX? LibreELEC does not work with my TVBOX ... I do not know why. I tried many images, but unsuccessful Thanks in advance Claudio
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