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  1. Did more testing over the weekend on 5.9.9. I was able to benchmark with FIO on top of a ZFS dataset for hours with the load average hitting 10+ while scrubing the datastore. No issues. Right nowt he uptime is 3 days. I'm actually a little surprised at the performance. It's very decent for what it is. I wonder if the fact that I'm running ZFS and 5.9.9 while others are using mdadm and 5.8 is the difference. I'm not really planning on going backwards on either. If 5.9.9 works then no need to build another kernel, and you would have to pry ZFS out of my cold dead
  2. 5.9.9 with armbian patches is working well for me so far. I've scrubbed the pool 5-6 times as well as syncoid from my hypervisor every hour for the last two days. I'm mostly just looking for a stable backup system that supports ZFS and it looks like this will work.
  3. I'm been testing my Helios64 as well. I'm running armbian 20.08.21 Focal, but I also downloaded the kernel builder script thingy from github and built linux-image-current-rockchip64-20.11.0-trunk which is a 5.9.9 kernel. Installed that, then built openzfs 2.0.0-rc6. I then proceeded to syncoid 2.15TB of snapshots to it also while doing a scrub and was able to get the load average up to 10+. The machine ran through the night, so I think it might be stable. A few more days testing will validate this. schu