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  1. Hi @Igor, First of all - I think you are doing a great job with Armbian. That's why I've decided to use it and it is also a reason I've wrote the message on this forum . Thank you for that. I am the code contributor to a couple of open source projects myself and I've always treated creating a bug report as a contribution to the project as well. For me it was often a good starting point in the project. I was able to find out how to gather more information about the issue and learn about the project on the way. Later on it was easier for me to start with the coding. I am sorry if my posts sound like complaining about development work - it wasn't my intention. I don't think you should cover development you don't need from your private resources. I still think it would be nice to be able to create a ticket even if you would not prioritize it and decide to close it when it become stale. It is because I could track it e.g. to find out if other users have the same problem. Even if I would not be able to contribute a solution, I could close it one day if I will find out it is working again. I believe this forum, at least partially, fulfills that, so it is also fine. I just had an impression I should report it somewhere, if it is confirmed, so it is more visible for people working on the project. It was all in good faith . Anyway, sorry for offtopic, but you've asked a question, so I had to answer ;). Keep up the good work!
  2. That's right. I forgot about it. I've tried to open new issue on https://armbian.atlassian.net/, but it seems to require some authorization I do not have. I couldn't find a right project in Github (https://github.com/armbian) to report the issue either. Maybe someone could point me to the right place to report it?
  3. Hi @Werner, thanks for your suggestion. For me it is currently not about finding a solution, because I have a working workaround with nmcli which I have described earlier. I wanted to find out if others have the same issue and then maybe reopen ticket AR-352 or open a new one. Of course finding a right solution to fix it in Armbian would be also nice, but I feel it is beyond my knowledge .
  4. @WernerI've added "ethaddr=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" with proper MAC set to /boot/armbianEnv.txt in clean installation of "Armbian_20.11_Nanopineo_bionic_current_5.8.16". Unfortunately, MAC address is still changed on every reboot.
  5. You're right, it may have not been clear . The problem persists.
  6. Hello @TRS-80 and sorry for late reply. For some unknown reason I've missed your message. I've just tested it with the latest stable "Armbian 20.11 Bionic with Linux 5.8.16-sunxi". This is a fresh flash. @Gord_W As a workaround I am currently running those commands to set fixed MAC address with Network Manager CLI: CONNECTION="$(nmcli -f UUID,ACTIVE,DEVICE,TYPE connection show --active | tail -n1)" UUID=$(awk -F" " '/ethernet/ {print $1}' <<< "${CONNECTION}") nmcli connection modify $UUID ethernet.cloned-mac-address D2:E6:90:1D:C8:18 nmcli connection modify $UUID -ethernet.mac-address ""
  7. I've seen that pull request for this in ticket AR-352. However, I am still experiencing change of the MAC address on every reboot Nano Pi NEO with "Armbian 20.08.1 Bionic with Linux 5.8.5-sunxi". Is this a known problem?
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