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  1. Hi all, tried today’s nightly build today and it actually fixed it. Thanks!
  2. Didn't have time to try the image yesterday, but planned it for today. Personally, I also didn't like the idea of removing Petitboot - but I just couldn't get it working another way. Updated Petitboot, tried the suggestions in the Odroid forum: Other monitor, other PSU.. No luck.
  3. I will try to build an image from trunk this evening and will give feedback on if that's working
  4. Well, at least for me that didn't work at all. I couldn't for the life of me get any other image than the Official Ubuntu Image with Petitboot installed on the eMMC (thats the stock bootloader of the HC4 that lets you select boot device, do network boot etc) Armbian didnt work, Meverick's Debian image also didn't. Just a black screen wih nothing happening after the Petitboot Boot-Timer. (In the Odroid forum, many users have the same problem) When I skipped Petitboot by removing it with flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0 from within the petitboot console, it worked flawlessly.
  5. That was also my plan originally The original Ubuntu image should work (but OMV does not work on Ubuntu, in case you want to use that) and also the Debian image in the Odroid forum should work, which uses the stock Odroid Kernel. In the Odroid Board we found that apparently the 4.9-Kernel-Version of the Armbian image should also work, which I will try this evening. For reference, see https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=207&t=41019
  6. I did some googling and found that the SATA chipset of the HC4 seems to be quite unsuported in Linux because it apparently reports as an IDE device instead of an AHCI device. https://superuser.com/questions/363144/is-asmedia-asm1061-sata3-controller-supported-under-linux That might be part of the reason why it doesn't find a correct driver.
  7. Hi Werner, I didn't have the board booted up for long when creating the Log. In fact, I just booted it quickly just to create the Log so it might be post-bootup tasks. On the Board, there is nothing running except for a (quite empty) OMV install
  8. Sorry, I forgot to attach my Armbianmonitor log: http://ix.io/2FlU
  9. Hi guys, I installed the latest Armbian (Buster) release for my Odroid HC4 and - after getting rid of Petitboot as that just wouldn't let me boot the image - it's working great so far. Only big problem I have is that it does not recognize any SATA devices, in neither of the two slots. I tried different HDDs / SSDs that I verified are recognized on a Windows PC and another Ubuntu PC. Did anyone get that working already? I assume the required Kernel drivers for the PCIe-Sata-chip are probably still missing. Many thanks and best regards Daniel