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  1. Hi All, thanks for help I am now up and running. @Igor I got the build to work, and sure enough, the PSU feeder cable was causing brownouts on the board. Thanks for help.
  2. Hi, So bear in mind I am new to OrangePi and its boot process, but using the build above the boot process hangs at the line "[ OK ] Found device /dev/ttyGS0 ". (full boot log below) I am using the same set up as I stated at the beginning of this thread. I have Ordered another SD card (same spec) and another orange PI just in case I have a fault somewhere else. Is there a build that we know should absolutely work that I could use, to remove the possibility that it is the board or card etc? Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi, Hopefully I have posted appropriately, I am completely new to Armbian and orange PI so hopefully this fault is because of my lack of experience. My problem I cannot get my orange pi to boot.. I have tried both supported Armbian Focal and Armbian Buster. They both appear to stop at the same place of boot (wondering if its actually a hardware fault?). Hardware is a Orange Pi Zero H2 (H2 Printed on top of CPU yet CPU reports itself as H3 when booting) the outputs captured via the serial port, the SD is a SANDisk A1 32GB card, the board is powered by a 2A USB wall supply and I also connected an ethernet cable directly to the router. Below is the captured output from focal build (Armbian_20.11_Orangepizero_focal_current_5.8.16.img) , The first boot results in a kernel panic and the second one stalls at the t "Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes" I am note sure how to debug this as I have no opportunity to intervene etc, and not having an Orange PI that does boot, I have nothing to compare it too... Can anybody help? am I using the wrong build?- can anybody help? Have I bought a duff Orange? what am I doing wrong? thanks all.