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  1. I've downgraded to a system with kernel 4.19.63 as mentioned in the posting by Mangix above. Since then the systems runs without freezes (already for a few weeks). Two things should be noted: - The "blinkenlights" - i.e. the hard drive access LEDs - do work again. They didn't work at 5.8.16. - The CPU load of the netatalk filesystem daemon is now significantly lower. This would be consistent with the remark from gprovost that my error message from the earlier system points to a system overload. I do not know if the now lower load is due to the older kernel or due to the olde
  2. @gprovost The files are being shared via netatalk to a Mac. That worked fine until now. The number of files within a single folder is quite large (up to 13,000 files). The hard drive is formatted with ext4 using the DIR_INDEX option to speed up the file access. The problem first appeared after switching from one of the four drives from 2 TB to 4 TB. I've copied the files from A to B, so the number of files did not change. But I had to reindex all files within a picture processing software on the Mac (creating thumbs, determine picture properties, etc.). I've
  3. I don't want this to be a me-too-post - but why else would I be here... I have an old Helios4 with the original PSU, Armbian 20.08.17 Bionic, Linux 5.8.16-mvebu, running in JBOD mode. I've also recently start to experience random freezes while continuously accessing a single drive (picture indexing). At some point the Ethernet connection is lost, no files, no ssh, no pings. Under this conditions I've connected a laptop to the serial output of the Helios4. It doesn't react to any input but displays the following messages: [30482.836176] rcu: I