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  1. Can the c2 RTC be used with armbian?
  2. --------Preamble------------ Tried Armbian on Opi pc, and fell in love with it! It feels like the O.S. for me! Tried to turn the c2 into the ultimate night stand alarm clock, with 7" screen, micro keyboard and tiny mouse, with speakers built in a customized re-purposed case running ubuntu for beside the bed . alarm-clock-applet is a favorite app on Rpi, works great, I live by it basically. but the c2 will not play audio with it, gstreamer-ugly download and then it works, but it whacks out the RTC. alarm works great on Opi with Armbian but no RTC. The RTC is a big part of the situation, experimentally powering with solar. All that time and money wasted on a great concept, this was the second attempt to find a use for the c2 other than a paper weight. I'm still a total newb.... --------------------------------- RTC on Odroid c2, Is it a similar process in Armbian? Is it a different repository? I have absolutely no idea what to do in armbian to make it work at least not with out some sort of example or at least a good path to start on, and searching produced no results, at least nothing understandable to me, But im really good at wrecking the linux O.S. when trying new things.... OS Requirements - Linux : Add the PCF8563 RTC driver c2 setup: n/a Enable RTC Shield odroid@odroid:~$ sudo apt install device-tree-compiler odroid@odroid:~$ sudo fdtput -t s /media/boot/meson64_odroidc2.dtb /i2c@c1108500/pcf8563@51 status "okay" odroid@odroid:~$ Now you have the RTC on ODROID-C2 running with the current date and time the next step is to make it load when the ODROID-C2 boots. Edit the modules file: odroid@odroid:~$ echo "aml_i2c"|sudo tee -a /etc/modules odroid@odroid:~$ cat /etc/modules aml_i2c odroid@odroid:~$ Add aml_i2c at the end of the file. Next you want to add the RTC on ODROID-C2 at boot by editing /etc/rc.local.odroid@odroid:~$ sudo nano /etc/rc.local if [ -f /aafirstboot ]; then /aafirstboot start ; fi hwclock -s exit 0 Reboot your ODROID-C2. --------------- I know the Rpi will do the job, but i have enough of them and dont want to get yet another untill the Rpi4..... If this wont work, is there an SBC with RTC option that works with Armbian? Thanx