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  1. The question is more about editing .dts but for running LE. I am using another .dts for Armbian which I have not researched yet. Still fight for onboard wlan.
  2. So THANK YOU so much for most working rk3318-box.dtb!!! ------------------ But not everything as good as would like. WLAN and USB 3.0 port are still away.
  3. Does Multitool support Terminal window? Exactly! I don't think so... Yesterday I took rk3318-box.dtb from your image, burn my trust.img and starting any Armbian_20.07...current_5.7.8 successfuly. Definitely except yours(not rc) and LE. firefly-dtb-1.txt
  4. I've been attached log with many errors. Did You see it? I find dtb in boot folder but i can't try my dtb: not owner. Can I do enything else? I feel useless...
  5. rk-kernel.dtb - this is device-tree from Android firmware. It's not match for Linux. I need try this: rk3318-N5-NOVA.rar
  6. I understand where: in GPT My MB support MBR only. Sorry. Need some upgrade!
  7. Jock! Your img not contain BOOT partition! Where is .dtb placed for example? There are 3 partitions on SD: first and last are empty. Middle partition has no label, looks like BOOTFS. How it can boot?
  8. Now used Rufus + Your img: the same result as before. (See attach) Will try to burn my Trust.img. (Can You explain me where is error in log?) jock_img_rk3328-box=z29.txt
  9. eMMC was not be erased. I checked it later - all files and folders are remains in their original locations. Pity inner memory is definately dead. Once I tryed to burn your image, but I used balenaEtcher only. Must I shell have try another burner in case maybe? Thank You for your cares!
  10. Did it because I burn correct for my device images maybe? They is 4096 kb lenght both. Yours?
  11. eMMC not be able to be burned as I told before. 5 Burn image to flash proceed about 2sec long. 3 Erase flash was take with couple sec more. eMMC must be forget.
  12. I was run Multitool at last! It could only start this way: 1. Rufus+Multitool.img 2. dd if=trust.img of=/dev/sdb seek=24576 3. dd if=uboot.img of=/dev/sdb seek=16384
  13. There was Android-boot-log from eMMC, ofcouse without SD. I must to had to log the "MultiBoot" booting I guess...
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