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  1. Hi @Werner I made a proposal that solves the confusion and troubles.
  2. Again, this script causes error messages. Feb 16 04:19:59 helio nm-dispatcher[2249]: cp: cannot create regular file '/nonexistent/.config/htop/htoprc': No such file or directory I suggest you fix stuff for htop in htop and not write into all users config files like a script kidie. meanwhile fix this bug with rm /etc/networkd-dispatcher/80-update-htop-and-offload-tx
  3. Softy is nice for a hackathon style development to kickstart and try out stuff. it's DNA is 100% development, but not made for maintenance and reliability. Armbian used to be a debian based distro, but since it throws the principles of the debian distribution over board now here you have a fancy collection of curly install scripts with the latest hot shit, which definitely wont upgrade with the package manager and which will be a pain later on. thats ok in its own right, but nowadays you have products like a helios nas that people want to use for production and where armbian,
  4. Does it make a difference which minimum Speed is used? I would prefer to set the lowest CPU Speed as minimum to save energy use when there is low CPU usage.
  5. Maybe I shouldnt have run apt dist-upgrade only apt-update ?? Would apt-update also update the kernel, firmware etc.?
  6. BTW What kind of private data could a drive UUID disclose? Afaik it's random-generated when the partition table is created. I don't think there is any need for that, but if you can explain why this makes sense, I'm interested!
  7. Same Trouble here: etckeeper reports: committing changes in /etc made by "apt dist-upgrade" Package changes: -armbian-firmware 20.11.3 all +armbian-firmware 21.02.1 all -cockpit 235-1~bpo10+1 all -cockpit-bridge 235-1~bpo10+1 arm64 -cockpit-system 235-1~bpo10+1 all -cockpit-ws 235-1~bpo10+1 arm64 +cockpit 237-1~bpo10+1 all +cockpit-bridge 237-1~bpo10+1 arm64 +cockpit-system 237-1~bpo10+1 all +cockpit-ws 237-1~bpo10+1 arm64 -linux-buster-root-current-helios64 20.11.6 arm64 -linux-dtb-current-r
  8. I made the same experience as Adrian. Many of us use armbian for production in Soho or as smart home appliance, so I think it should come as a proper Linux system, not Just as a development playground to be reflashed after a few days. This behaviour basically renders htop useless, because if you have e.g. nextcloud running you only see lots of threads of one server and this have to config htop every time again, which is so annoying! In 20 years of Debian usage I haven't seen any script messing with another packages configuration or a script rewriting all users configuratio
  9. Not sure where to post an issue. I found some pretty ugly stuff going on with htop and nm-dispatcher. The log shows: Nov 27 20:33:07 localhost nm-dispatcher[1812]: Nov 27 20:33:07 localhost nm-dispatcher[1812]: sed: can't read /nonexistent/.config/htop/htoprc: No such file or dire ctory Nov 27 20:33:07 localhost nm-dispatcher[1812]: sed: can't read /nonexistent/.config/htop/htoprc: No such file or dire ctory .. and the same for all other users who have never used htop before. This is caused by the following script: /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/80